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Getting Started
Installation Instructions


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

    Make sure above two installed properly. Download and install Yellow Pages Crawler.

  • Unlock the trial version to the full version

    After you install the trial version from, start YellowPagesCrawler by clicking the YellowPagesCrawler icon from the Desktop. In menu File->Unlock, enter your registration code to unlock your trial version.

    Yellow Pages Crawler User Guide

    1) Select desired yellow pages website.

    Select desired yellow pages website

    2) Define your search criteria. You could select keywords and state as you would do it in the regular browser. "Grab" button will be enabled if you see the listing page and it's ready to grab.

    Define your search criteria.

    3) Click "Grab" button until it's done. You could also click "GrabStatus" tab while it's grabbing to check how it's doing.

    Grab the yellow pages website

    4) Click "Result" tab to check the results.

    Check the results

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