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Existing plugins

We have built the following plugins which extends the websites YellowPageCrawler can grab from.


Custom plugin for YellowPagesCrawler

YellowPagesCrawler is a generic tool that could support grabbing content from any website. If you would like YellowPageCrawler to grab content from your favorite website, please contact us to get a quote. We could create custom plugin for the website.

Instructions on how to install custom plugin

  • Download and install Yellow Page Crawler from here.
  • Download the plugin dll file. You need to log into My Acount page and click the order# in "My Orders" tab. Then you can see a download button. Click it to start downloading it.
  • Copy the plugin dll file to the directory where you install Yellow Page Crawler. It’s usually “c:\ Program Files\XShan Corporation\YellowPagesCrawler”. If you are running 64bit OS, it's "C:\Program Files (x86)\XShan Corporation\YellowPageCrawler".
  • Now you are done. You could start Yellow Page Crawler and grab content from your custom website